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The Intention Idea

Harnessing Your Intentions To Create A Kinder World



Lighten Up!

This is a journey that explores intention-work concepts, tools, and perspectives to consider.  Intention-work covers the process of coming up with an intention all the way through manifesting it.  Along the way, we contemplate balancing Heart & Mind approaches, and dive deeper into practical applications for daily interests, like generating more income, creating your ideal body, and enjoying your relationships.  

End Result? You’ll feel lighter and more capable of creating your intentions – of any size – into the world of reality.

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Melissa Cantrelle Melissa Cantrelle is a beloved author of inspired works.  Her Big Heart and keen ability to discern, sort, and organize thoughts and emotions have led her to be a writer of books that are both uplifting and practical.  She is fascinated by things that help her and humanity evolve and move forward.  This passion led her to become a licensed Avatar® master: helping others attain the Avatar tools for managing the mind and awakening the Spirit, and dedicated to co-creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization®.  Melissa currently lives near Portland, Oregon with her mate Dan.